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Softscape - More than Just Plants!

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The softscape in your yard...the plants, trees and flowers...are like the jewelry to your home's exterior. They add life, color, interest and curb appeal. We give careful consideration to this important aspect of your landscape.

Landmark Pavers takes great pride in professionally landscaping your property with plant material sourced from premium suppliers and local growers.

With our exclusive Landmark Pavers Plant Guide and accompanying “Softscape Wish List,” we help guide your softscape selections by gearing your plant material toward sustainable, drought tolerant and zone-appropriate elements. We help you select the right plants and then we make sure to install them correctly and that they are irrigated adequately.

Plants, Trees & Flowers

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Plants provide color, texture, and fragrance to enhance your experience in outdoor living spaces. They also offer a food source and natural cover that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other fauna that will please the viewers eye.

Irrigation & Water

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We recommend using programmed irrigation controllers that meet the specific needs of the plants and trees in your landscape. Each system is completely adjustable so that the individual needs of each plant by area can be addressed. An automated irrigation system controls water usage during the driest conditions for optimal year-round water needs.

Outline of Services:

  • Installation of new underground irrigation systems.
  • Renovations and additions for existing irrigation systems.
  • Our Softscape Service Technicians are available for repairs, adjustments or simply to answer any questions you may have regarding your irrigation system during your warranty period.

Because plants, shrubs and trees are living entities, their survival and growth success are tied directly to the quality of care they receive. While we tend to your softscape during construction, we turn over to you the responsibility of caring for your plants at the Finish Walk.

Why Softscape?

The right choice of softscape can save you money and increase your property value
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