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Rising Rewards Referral Program

Earn Cash for Being a Good Neighbor

Earn CASH...then more CASH...then LOTS AND LOTS OF CASH with Landmark Pavers' Rising Rewards Referral Program!!!

Refer a neighbor...Refer a friend...Refer a relative. As long as you're the first to send them our way, you get paid...and paid handsomely.



  1. The Referring Party must register their "Prospective Landmark Pavers Client" (the Referred Party) on the Landmark Pavers "Rising Rewards" Registry on the website at
  2. The Referring Party must be a current or former client of Landmark Pavers in good standing to qualify for RRR rewards.
  3. The Referred Party must execute a contract with Landmark Pavers of at least $5,000, complete construction and sign off on a Landmark Pavers Certificate of Completion for a monetary reward (a.k.a. "Referral Fee") to be awarded to the Referring Party.
  4. Upon the completion of the qualified Referred Party's landscape project, the Referring Party will be awarded within 60 days a Referral Fee as determined by the tiered parameters described within the program.
  5. A Referring party may be awarded a maximum of five (5) Referral Fee awards, unless otherwise approved by the management of Landmark Pavers.
  6. This promotion is effective beginning 11/1/2018. Referral Rewards will not be paid on projects prior to this date.

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