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A Closer Look at Pavers & Hardscape

Choosing a hardscape surface can be challenging. Brick, poured and stamped concrete, asphalt and paving stones are among the many choices. With a bit of education about the materials we recommend, we’re confident you’ll have the ability to make the most well informed purchasing decision. Pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, providing a wide range of design versatility.

On The Ground

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Landmark Pavers specializes in patios, driveways, and walkways that add beauty and value to your home. All interlocking pavers installed by Landmark Pavers are laid according to the strict standards of the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute (ICPI). This provides the highest and best performance and longevity.

Pavers are designed and constructed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions while maintaining an unsurpassable beauty and elegance. Concrete and asphalt are prone to cracking when installed over expansive clay soils. Expansive soil has the ability to increase in volume up to 30% or more when water is absorbed which leads to tremendous pressure on above-ground structures.


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Pavers Concrete
Can hold up to 8,000 PSI Can hold up to 2,500 PSI
Flexes without cracking Cracks and is hard to repair / repairs are obvious
Unlimited combination of color, sizes, shapes and designs Stamped concrete typically colored only on top
Can be used immediately upon completion of installation Must cure before use
Does not require expansion joint Needs expansion joints
Can be "unzipped" to repair underground services & easily re-laid Repairs require jack-hammering to reach services and leave unsightly patches

Vertical Features

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Building up with your hardscape (or vertically) is another way to add interest in your landscape. Retaining walls, free-standing border walls and columns are all vertical features that may be constructed of concrete blocks to create height and generate interest in your yard.

Outdoor Living Elements

Outdoor living has become a staple of American culture. As many homeowners begin to spend more time in their outdoor living areas than in their indoor living areas, the overall trends continue to revolve around creating homey, attractive, livable outdoor spaces that are an extension of the indoor environment.

If BBQs, Islands and Outdoor Kitchens are on your wish list for your outdoor space, Landmark Paver’s Designers can help you narrow down your choice of materials, how to situate these features in your yard and what components to include, such as outdoor refrigerators, grills, sinks and the like.

Paver Installation Process

Demolition & Installation Phase

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  • Remove existing hardscape material, soil and organic materials
  • Load and haul away debris from demo


  • Utilities (drains, electrical, water lines, gas lines, etc.)

Vertical Features

  • Outdoor elements (water features, walls, firepits, pillars and BBQs)

Hardscape Installation

  • Re-compact soil.
  • Set grade lines to prevent ponding and puddling of water.
  • Install Geotextile fabric (if required) to avoid soil saturation and create a barrier that will prevent movement and settling of the pavers.
  • Install class 2 road base over compacted soil or geo textile fabric in vehicular areas.
  • Compact 3-6 inches of road base depending upon location of pavers.
  • Apply and screed 1” of bedding sand over base.
  • Lay paving stones in selected pattern.
  • Mark and cut stones for preparation of border.
  • Set border against fixed structures.
  • Install concrete bond beams, or “footing,” against softscape areas.
  • Compact and vibrate over stones.
  • Sweep in 1/8” layer of bedding sand to cover pavers.
  • Compact and vibrate over layer of sand.
  • Sweep and hose off paved area.
  • Apply joint stabilizing sealer.

Suppliers We Trust...

Paving Stones We Install.

As you consider your paving stone choices, use this handy list of Supplier links to compare the various stones available and navigate directly to the websites of the manufacturers from whom we source quality hardscape products.

Ackerstone -

Angelus -

Belgard -


Orco -


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