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Rancho Penasquitos


Project Description


The homeowner already had the basic "landscape bones" in place for this home's front yard design. The idea here was not to drastically change the design of the front yard but to update the overall appeal and really make the home a standout in the neighborhood.

Over time, the brick entry had become worn and tired looking. With older red brick pathways and walls, homeowners often find that efflorescence can be a problem. To revive his front yard landscape, we completely removed the old loose brick and replaced it with pavers and segmented retaining accent walls. The same basic design remained but the result was both dramatic and safer for visitors to traverse.


Construction Challenge


As with any landscape construction project, unexpected challenges can arise that may require modifications to the design or changes to the overall scope of work and the corresponding completion schedule.

In this case, the brick demolition necessitated the addition of posts at the front door to shore up the structure and provide continuity to the entryway. Our crews made required changes and set the stage for a charming front courtyard with an all new hardscape step and column entryway.

In addition, the homeowner was interested in saving water. To eliminate his irrigation, artificial turf was brought in and installed near the new front courtyard.

During Construction

Design Resolution


The old brick was completely demolitioned while still salvaging the utility of the previous design. This gave the homeowners a dramatic renovation that enhanced their home's value while making overall maintenance trouble-free. The renovated path to the front door was updated with illuminating step and wall lights that sparkle over the new water-saving synthetic turf. The homeowner loves the fresh look we were able to achieve and has a new front yard hardscape design that will last for many, many years to come.


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