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Del Sur


Project Description


Our client owned a brand new home with an unimproved backyard space. The homebuilder had poured a small, basic concrete pad outside the sliding glass door to the backyard. Otherwise, there was nothing but a dirt lot overgrown with weeds. The client was looking to incorporate a fire pit as a cozy place to gather outdoors, a custom-built outdoor kitchen with a gas BBQ grill and bar top counter, retaining walls and an easy-care area of artificial turf.


Construction Challenge


The problem here was two-fold. First, we had a relatively small rear yard space that needed both structure and utility incorporated into the design. Secondly, the client wanted to maximize the square footage for outdoor entertaining and cooking without giving up any of the yard features they were hoping to install.

Complicating matters further, we knew the outdoor kitchen would be tricky because the area was tight for the size of bar height counter and grilling area that the client desired. In addition, there was a significant corner column to the house that was grounded right where the barbecue island needed to be built. The rear yard slope was also in need of attention to prevent erosion from future rain events.

During Construction

Design Resolution


We addressed the homeowner's need for defined spaces with a checkerboard concrete walkway, a corner firepit for evening get-togethers and low-rise retaining walls that will direct water run-off during the rainy season into a well-designed drainage system. Lastly, we built the client's new custom BBQ kitchen island right around the corner house column, making it a feature of the outdoor kitchen space rather than a detractor of it. Artificial turf and colorful softscape fill out this backyard space, providing the ideal low-maintenance greenery that uses moderate water and provides years of enjoyment.


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