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One important consideration separates us from other landscape construction firms....We offer our Conceptual Drawing and Colored Plans FREE OF CHARGE, and our design team is among the best in the business.

The design phase of your landscape construction project is far and away the most important and valuable step to take when creating your outdoor living space. A good designer captures your vision by taking many factors into account...including soil conditions, drainage concerns, slope issues and ongoing maintenance.

Our professional Landscape Designers can save you time and money by calling out the appropriate materials to fit your budget and stylistic preferences. They are well-versed in the native materials available in your area and keep up with new product introductions. They can suggest what plants are best suited to your region while taking into consideration the average sunlight your yard receives.

A conceptual design created by one of our experts will produce an unbelievable return for several key reasons:

  • We Help You Budget Wisely - Our professionally trained Landscape Designers make the best and most practical use of your landscape budget.
  • We Listen To You - Our Landscape Designers really listen to your ideas and help you bring them to life, providing experienced input along the way.
  • We Make It Right - Consulting a professional can help avoid costly mistakes.
  • We Engineer It - A scaled landscape design precisely captures your vision on paper, providing you with a visual depiction of the entire scope of work.
  • We Phase The Construction - A comprehensive landscape plan is also a great tool to determine how a project can be phased over time.
  • We Bid Accurately & Honestly - Our exclusive Line Item Bid process removes the guesswork from pricing , giving you a true understanding of the installation cost.

Designing to Address Drainage Issues

The landscape terrain for your residence may be too steep, retaining water, or needs a finer grade. At Landmark Pavers, we are experts at finding solutions to tough drainage problems. Proper drainage is essential to your landscape to prevent unnecessary damage to your property and costly repairs down the road. Pooling water is not only troublesome, but it can be harmful to your plants and create a breeding place for mosquitoes. Water can also move towards your house, causing moisture intrusion, resulting in mold and health concerns. All of this water must be channeled properly. There are various methods of doing so. The best method depends on your particular setting and land contouring. Your Landmark Designer will address these issues with you right from the start.

From Plan... Glam!

Upgraded Landscape Design Services

Besides your completed drawings and colored plans, you also can choose to upgrade your design experience with services such as three-dimensional renderings and full construction documents and detailed drawings.

Engineered Drawings

Other services include drawings for electrical, gas, drains & irrigation, hardscape elements, patio covers, section elevations, etc.

Pulling Permits

Should you require permit coordination for electrical work, gas lines or even a patio cover, our Team can put together the necessary paperwork and coordinate with your municipality to obtain the appropriate permits for the work to be performed. Your Design Consultant can assist you with determining the need and cost for permits in your area.

HOA Approvals

Many Home Owner’s Associations in Southern California require review of your architectural plans in order to undertake a landscape construction project. Landmark Pavers Design Consultants help you prepare your plans with all of the necessary specifications needed for the review and approval process. We recommend you contact your HOA Representative to find out when they meet for review of architectural plans; how long it typically takes to receive an HOA Approval Letter; and then submit your plans at least 30 days in advance of your Job Start Date. This will allow you to obtain your approval in plenty of time for our crew to break ground.

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