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BBQs & Islands

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Today, more Southern Californians than ever are taking advantage of backyard outdoor living, bringing their culinary skills with them. The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, and that idea has started to take hold outdoors. More people want their outdoor living areas to have fully functional kitchens as opposed to just the rolling barbecue cart.

"Outdoor living is becoming a focal point of the home. There's so much innovation going on right now," Tesa Park, Co-Owner of Landmark Pavers says. "It’s more than simply cooking; it's all about entertaining and being comfortable outside."

Whatever outdoor living means to you, Landmark Pavers designs and builds outdoor kitchens from simple to elaborate...but all beautifully crafted to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

We believe that the preparation of food and drink brings people together, sparks creativity, and is a source for comfort and relaxation. Our line of high quality barbecue products are designed with precision, power and durability to give you and your loved ones the space and freedom to pursue your outdoor passion to the fullest.

Product Offerings include:

  • Prefabricated BBQ Islands and Custom-built BBQ Islands
  • 32” or 40” Premium, 4-Burner Grills
  • Liquid Propane or Natural Gas Options
  • Wide Variety of BBQ Island Components, including:
    • Refrigerators
    • Bar Centers
    • Island Sinks
    • Built-in BBQ Ice Chests
    • Fire Tables
    • And Many More!
  • Tile, Concrete, and Natural Stone Countertops
  • Variety of Stucco, Rock or Stone Veneer
Consider the rewarding benefits of adding a patio kitchen to your home. Whether you’re building a new house, or simply making better use of the space you have, creating a place to cook outdoors is a wise investment to make.

Boulders & Rock

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Natural stone is a beautiful and long lasting addition to any landscape. Landmark Pavers’ Designers have extensive experience with creatively and cost-effectively incorporating boulders and rock into landscape projects both large and small.

Every boulder and every rock is unique. The final selection in the field and ultimate placement at the site are dictated by the unique characteristics of the rock material. Drawings are only a suggestion, as the reality of the environment and surrounding views will lend themselves to how your boulders and rocks will best be suited to the landscape.

Due to the cost of obtaining stone for the landscape, it's vital that each piece is used wisely. Rocks are incredibly heavy. The majority of the cost for rock is not for the rock material, but for hauling it from the source to the new home site. Landmark Pavers considers these factors when incorporating rock and boulders into a landscape design. We help you determine whether using boulders in the landscape is a cost effective option for you.

Landmark Pavers sources their rock and boulder material locally to keep costs down and reflect the natural look of Southern California. This will help with ensuring the right product is selected to work with both the details of your house and your landscape. Boulders should resemble what's already at the site so that the new and existing blend together seamlessly.

Pro Tip : If the boulder source is local, meet our Design Consultant in the field for an opportunity to hand pick boulders for just the look you want.

Fencing & Gates

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Fences not only mark property lines, but they also serve to enhance your landscape. Whether you choose a wooden fence or one made of low-maintenance vinyl, it’s possible to find a fence style to suit any purpose.

  • Wood Fencing

    Wood fence installations can be tricky. Many do-it-yourself fence installs don't last. We custom build wood fences to both stand the test of time and to meet your needs. If you can imagine a fence design, we can install it.

    A wood fence can add style and character to your home. It weathers naturally, can provide security, defines boundaries, protects property, and buffers noise and wind. Wood accepts stain or paint well, adding a unique or traditional look to your landscape.

    The wood fence material we use most often includes Cedar and Redwood. We install many different wood fence styles including traditional, split rail, stainless steel rail, picket, privacy, semi-privacy and horizontal fences.

  • Vinyl Fencing

    Our vinyl fencing is the ideal blend of elegance, strength and performance, resulting in lasting beauty and durability without the maintenance. There are many different styles of vinyl fence, including privacy fence, picket fence, and agricultural fences available. Vinyl fences are constructed from very durable material that is used for underground water lines and the colors include white, tan, mocha and gray. Though the initial cost of a vinyl fence can be higher than wood, it is quickly offset by the time and expense of the up-keep that wood requires.

    Maintenance-free vinyl fences are pre-made which reduces the amount of labor required to install the fencing. They blend in anywhere on your property and work especially well around swimming pools.

  • Wrought Iron Fencing

    High-quality wrought iron fencing can add beauty and elegance to any exterior space. With iron fencing, you can give your property's exterior the makeover it deserves while adding value and function at the same time. With the wide variety of designs and styles that are currently available, we can customize your fencing to perfectly accent your home's style.

    Whether you need a side-entry gate, driveway gate or an entirely new wrought iron fence for the perimeter of your yard, we install strong and long-lasting gates, fences, and railings to secure your home. If you're looking for a gate or fence uniquely suited to your property, we are happy to help you with a custom design.

    Common applications of decorative wrought iron gates include:

    • Courtyard Gates
    • Garden Gates
    • Driveway Gates
    • RV Storage Gates
    • Storage Area Gates
    • Pedestrian Gates

  • Picket Fencing

    Picket fences are a traditional design that enhance the view of your landscape while at the same time maintaining your property line. Another example of an open design fence is post and rail, which is simply horizontal boards, or rails, attached to vertical posts. Both picket fences and post and rail fences come in a number of styles, with picket fences offering the most variety. Simply cutting the top of the pickets in a pattern changes the style of the fence. For example, rounding the tops of the pickets creates a dog-ear fence, while fashioned into points the fence evokes a French Gothic style.

  • Gates

    Gates are offered in a wide variety of heights and widths, designed to complement the various fencing styles. Gates can be ordered fully welded and assembled, or a gate kit can be used for quick and easy installation to fit any size opening. High quality hardware is available with all gates to ensure your fence will operate properly for years to come.

Fire Pits & Fire Features

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Fire features can serve many purposes in your backyard. These beautiful hardscape creations make time outside with your guests even more enjoyable by adding the comfort of warmth to your patio. Fire creates an inviting atmosphere, welcoming guests to gather close and share stories or socialize. The addition of a fire element to your backyard retreat also gives you the option to cook outside, roasting hot dogs or toasting marshmallows for s’mores.

Fire elements are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. With the help of our design team at Landmark Pavers, you can literally dream up whatever you feel will fit best in your outdoor space. We design fire features including fire pits, fireplaces, fire walls, fire tables and more…all of which can be further customized based on your own personal preferences.

Water Features

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Incorporating water into your landscape allows you to bring in one of mother nature’s most relaxing elements.

At Landmark Pavers, we have created some of the most beautiful natural ponds, waterfalls, and fountains in the region. Water features come in all shapes, size and variety of materials.

Whether you're simulating the sound of rain or enhancing your backyard experience with a babbling brook affect, water brings life and motion to your outdoor living space. Just imagine sitting on your back patio, watching water gently cascade over the fountain’s edge while listening to the gentle sound of splashing water.

A custom water feature sets the mood for quiet nights at home or lively weekend parties. Water features provide a great finishing touch to your landscape.

Landscape Lighting

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Infuse your landscape with the warmth and beauty that only light can provide. When you bathe your residence in glowing light, a whole new world of elegance emerges as your landscape transforms into a nighttime panorama of stunning beauty.

Functionally speaking….landscape lighting highlights walkways, architectural elements, gathering spaces, water features and more to provide a safe and beautiful outdoor environment. Our Design Consultants can show you all of the possibilities and deliver the best, most efficient lighting (including LED lighting) to bring your home to life.

Here are some questions to consider when creating your landscape lighting wish list:

  • What do I love the most about my yard?
  • How do I see myself using my outdoor spaces?
  • When am I in these spaces most often?
  • Is there a special architectural structure or feature that I want to highlight?
  • When and where is security lighting most important?

Patio Covers

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Many homeowners are looking to extend their entertaining areas by creating outdoor living environments. Patio covers provide definition to the spaces within your yard to create outdoor living rooms.

In our Southern California climate, patio covers give you the opportunity to extend the season and enjoy your outdoor living space nearly year-round. The life of your outdoor furniture and accessories is also extended. Most importantly, patio covers also increase the value of your home by enhancing the overall appeal of your property. Prospective homebuyers place higher value on homes with patio covers compared to homes that have not made the investment in a yard-enhancing patio cover structure.

Landmark Pavers uses Duralum patio cover products that are locally manufactured in California, which meet the state’s strictest quality standards. In addition, Duralum has a fully transferable lifetime warranty.

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