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Getting the Job Done

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The Office Team at Landmark Pavers works directly with homeowners to answer questions and provide assistance throughout the course of your landscape construction.

Once you sign your contract, the work has just begun.

Behind the scenes, our office team is prepping your paperwork, monitoring the construction calendar, ordering materials, handling accounting and fielding questions from all directions. Should you need assistance at any time during your project, the Office Team is at the ready.....they can either answer your question or call you back with an answer in short order. Reach them Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 5:00 p.m at 800-219-3906.

In The Office

Our office staff takes care of processing your contract, assisting with Home Owners Associations, facilitating lending documents, ordering material and ensuring their timely delivery, scheduling jobs on the construction calendar and payment collection. If our Office Staff doesn't have the answer to your question, they'll find the answer. Whether you need help with figuring out how to get samples of materials, how to gather your paperwork for HOA approval or where to send your payment, the Office Staff can help you get through the details of your project.

And In The Field

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Our Electrical Technicians get the job done safely every time.

Our highly trained Field Supervisors are your primary point of contact. They oversee the day-to-day construction activities, ensure that the right crews are on the job and answer any questions you may have. Your Field Supervisor will also collect progress payments from you throughout the project and conduct a Finish Walk with you at the conclusion of the work.

Our crews are the backbone of the operation. They are undertaking the demolition, handling the materials, disposing of debris, and making your outdoor dream a living reality. These are the guys that get the work done!

Once your job is complete, you’ll sign off on a Certificate of Completion for the work and can begin to really enjoy your new outdoor space.

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Crew Appreciation Day - 2016

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