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Our Story

Quality Workmanship & Accountability

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Southern California homeowners and business owners have long held an appreciation for the elegance and low-maintenance durability of interlocking concrete pavers for driveways, patios, walkways, parking lots, and various outdoor living designs. For many years, however, the marketplace was flooded with paver contractors who lacked both transparency and accountability.

Landmark Pavers Inc. was founded in 2010 to fill the need for a straightforward landscape installation business model that couples quality workmanship with value and accountability.

Landmark Pavers is a family-owned and operated, full-service landscape construction company – specializing in the design and installation of high quality paving stones.

For us, the customer comes first, the quality has to be top-notch and installations are done right. We are not the least expensive…nor the most expensive...contractor in the industry. However, we believe our prices accurately reflect the value & quality of our work.

Pavers and So Much More...

With services that expand beyond pavers to include the installation of synthetic turf, decorative and retaining walls, masonry systems, low-voltage lighting, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces and kitchens, Landmark Pavers also fills a need for contractors who can efficiently create entire outdoor living spaces under a single umbrella.

Landmark Pavers takes pride in meeting the high expectations of homeowners and creating amazing landscape transformations throughout San Diego and Southwest Riverside counties. Through the effective use of technology and rigorous internal training, Landmark has managed to increase efficiencies without sacrificing quality, making projects more affordable and backing up that workmanship with a solid customer warranty.

We believe that no homeowner or business owner should blindly trust a contractor they don't know or haven't worked with before...including Landmark Pavers. We strongly recommend you seek out multiple bids and undertake the due diligence to research the background and reputation of each contractor you're considering.

We’re confident that Landmark Pavers will withstand the scrutiny and win your trust.

How To Make The Right Choice

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Hiring a qualified landscape contractor means more than just finding out if they are licensed by the State Contractor’s Board.

Selecting the right landscape company depends on several factors, including your budget, the timeline for construction and the project's size and complexity.

The ultimate litmus test, though, is how you get along. We believe in transparency and listening. From the moment we meet you, we want to be receptive to your ideas, goals and project schedule. We place extreme importance on communicating with you throughout the process…that means from consultation to bid…bid to contract…contract to ground breaking….groundbreaking to construction…and construction to job completion.

"We recommend that you find someone who takes the time to get to know your space and asks you questions about how you use your space; what kinds of things you like; and what kind of feeling you'd like your space to evoke," says David Park, CEO of Landmark Pavers. "Then, weigh your options and take a look at our portfolio to see if our work fits with your vision for your landscape space."

Be sure to ask for proof of licenses, certifications and professional affiliations. Get your proposals in writing and make sure you understand the terms and fees associated with the contract. We're confident you'll turn to Landmark Pavers, a national award-winning landscape company, to execute your project.

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